National Girls Baseball League

Chicago's Forgotten League, 1944-1954
An Online Museum & Documentary Film by Adam Chu


Welcome to the National Girls Baseball League (NGBL) Online Museum and Documentary Film website! Please note the purpose of this website (and the accompanying documentary film) is to advance the story of the NGBL to a new audience. The league, based in the Chicagoland area for eleven seasons (1944-1954), has never received it's just due. This is the untold story of a league forgotten, the National Girls Baseball League!

Adam Chu and Anthony Rizzo present this short clip from the documentary film.

Lois Roberts (Strenkowski), barefoot star of the National Girls Baseball League, was honored at a Los Angeles Dodgers game in 2010.

A short film produced by the Western Electric Company and filmed at their Hawthorne Works plant in Cicero, Illinois.